Dj kevin scott

It was an exciting time. I thought it was just me… because I have such an honest face. Now anyone can find any song anytime on the internet. I did manage to get a white Dr. DJing, music 80s music specifically , poker, cats and kicks.

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To me, DJ'ing is just like any other profession: It was very refreshing. Gone are the days of digging and building your music collection one record at a time. We made vinyl compilations for DJs and shipped them all over the world. The rest of the tees will eventually be available in some way, shape or form but those decisions will be made after the conclusion of the Indiegogo campaign.

Dj Kevin Scott

You name it and we shared a common interest with it. Recent Posts This Is It. How did you start? Our friendship blossomed really quickly because we had a bunch of similar interests: I thought it was just me… because I have such an honest face. So its a fair assessment to say that DJ Kevin Scott has been around the block a few times…not to mention he a busy guy. Youth reigns supreme and relevancy is key these days but for the most part its usually a young bucks who have all the current records with no meat in their style behind the turntables.

Kevin is as down to earth as you can get. Flash forward to a couple months ago and we decided we were going to do an Indiegogo campaign to raise some money for the very expensive music licenses that are required to keep his legendary mixes intact for the film and it was decided the tees should be a part of the Indiegogo campaign. At first, it was just a video interview for the film, kecin encounter that turned into a 2 day marathon interview with the director.

From there, he called me and asked if I would come on more full time as a co-producer and I happily agreed. Everyone rushed the dancefloor and about 1 min.

He wanted to get some free vinyl from me so a fellow friend, DJ Vice, put us in contact with one another. Kfvin were very competitive with music, kicks and tees but his unlimited budget and connections made it very hard to compete!

He talked about his wife a lot which was also refreshing and very sweet. Wed, 15 Jul People DJ now for all sorts of reasons… girls, money, fame, its the cool thing to do, celebrities are doing it, etc.

For more info on our DJ crew, visit www. I was obsessed with the genre. Fresh 88 Tour tee and the Slick Rick tee. That was the last night that I saw him alive. DJing, music 80s music specificallypoker, cats and kicks.

MIX: DJ Kevin Scott – “InstaParty” – Direct Music Service

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She failed to tell me that her company d have guests at this party. Probably both the Eric B. Our friendship was born out of common interests. We just loved all the same things and would spend hours upon hours on AOL Instant Messenger chatting and battling over music…eventually we started hanging out regularly and collaborating on stuff.

The business has now evolved into a one stop online music service for the working DJ. Admittedly, I just scoured through our email correspondence again and was thoroughly reminded what a solid guy he was. His sister gave me one of my favorites from his cj for my birthday in

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